Cisco CEO reveals potential successors

Cisco CEO John Chambers names at least 10 potential candidates to fill his job in possibly two to four years time.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

While IBM's succession plan looks complete for the near future, things are a bit different over at Cisco.

The succession plan isn't a total mystery, but there is room for guessing as CEO John Chambers revealed a list of potential successors to his post in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday.

Bloomberg reports that Chambers named at least 10 candidates. Here's a glance at who was mentioned:

Chambers admitted to Bloomberg that his retirement could come as soon as within two to four years. Until then, the 63-year old CEO said that we could expect to see him delegate more of his responsibilities to other executives.

Chambers originally joined Cisco in 1991 as senior vice president of the networking giant's Worldwide Sales and Operations unit. He was named CEO in 1995 and was later elected as chairman of the board in 2006.

Within that time frame, Cisco grew from a run rate of $70 million when he joined in 1991 to $1.2 billion in 1995 to the current run rate of $40 billion.

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