Cisco rolls out new cloud software and hardware for mobile networks

The new offerings are aimed at helping service providers get the most out of their 5G infrastructure investments.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Cisco on Tuesday announced a series of new software and hardware products aimed at helping service providers get the most out of their 5G infrastructure investments. The new offerings include new Cloud Services stacks for mobility, residential and content delivery.

The introduction of 5G services puts pressure on service providers to prepare for significant increases in mobile traffic, Cisco noted. According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report, there will be nearly 30 billion connected devices by 2023, and nearly half of those will be mobile. 

First, Cisco is introducing the Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Mobility, a cloud-based mobile packet core solution. Cisco claims it should speed up the implementation of 4G and 5G mobility services while reducing overall network complexity. It offers a carrier-grade NFVI (Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure) platform that is pre-integrated, pre-validated and embedded with security, automation and assurance capabilities. It is deployed and supported through Cisco Customer Experience.  

Next, the Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Content Delivery helps service providers create a "service edge" at the last mile of their networks, so they can better deliver high-bandwidth 5G content and services (such as VR content or IOT services). It uses a dedicated cloud-native content delivery application to improve network congestion and video quality. With this stack, Cisco is also offering a revenue-sharing model between Cisco and its customers. 

Meanwhile, the new Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Residential is designed to improve network operations and performance across residential access networks. 

Cisco is also offering new routing options for mass-scale networking. The new line cards for Cisco's Aggregation Services Routers (ASR) 9000 series offer more than triple the performance of prior cards. The new Network Convergence System (NCS) 5700 router features four times higher performance than its predecessor. Cisco is also introducing new models of its NCS 540 5G fronthaul router.

Lastly, Cisco debuted its Crosswork Network Controller to simplify end-to-end provisioning. It promises intelligent bandwidth controls and visibility into network and services inventory. 

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