Citrix aims to ease servers' Web 2.0 workload

The company will add a push feature to its NetScaler web appliances to relieve the load on datacentres of dealing with rich internet applications
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Citrix on Tuesday said it will add Web 2.0 push technology to its NetScaler lineup of products for web-traffic management and content delivery.

As rich internet applications proliferate, datacentres become less efficient, as the applications have to stay connected to servers round the clock to be responsive. Connections to Web 2.0 apps gobble up computing power. The proliferation of widgets and Web 2.0 apps may in some cases require a company to purchase new racks of servers.

Citrix said it will add a feature to NetScaler that pushes data to users and Web 2.0 apps to offload the strain on servers.

"In order to create a rich interactive experience, Web 2.0 applications need to maintain a one-to-one user connection to backend servers for extended periods, which severely taxes datacentre resources and adversely impacts performance and scalability," Citrix said in a statement.

The company said it is aiming to lower server costs by five to 10 times less than current levels by proactively pushing data to create the illusion of real-time interaction.

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