Climate Savers power management seminar transcript now online

In case you missed it, Climate Savers and the U.S.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

In case you missed it, Climate Savers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently held a cyber-seminar focused on quantifying the savings that could be associated with various power management programs. Could be a good refresher course, especially as the dog days of August loom and people crank up the air-conditioning.

Data shared during the session included the following:

  • Energy costs account for about 10 percent of a typical IT budget. For some more color, I just got off a call where it was suggested to me that energy accounts for about 30 percent of an organization's operational costs.
  • Adjusting enterprise computer power consumption -- we're talking desktops not just servers -- can have a profound impact on peak utility consumption. Usually, this is about 26 percent of a company's electricity use in a given office building.
  • A company managing about 1,000 computers per year could save up to $40,000 in electricity costs by addressing wasted consumption.

Click here to go to the Climate Savers seminar recording and the accompanying white paper.

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