Clinton hires a blogger

Salon's Peter Daou will serve as evangelist between NY senator and the blogosphere.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

Links between Democrats and bloggers are getting stronger. A month after the Yearly Kos conference, where Demo bigwigs addressed and scraped to the netroot elite, Hillary Clinton has hired Salon blogger Peter Daou as a blogger-evangelist. His new job, he says, is "to facilitate and expand her relationship with the netroots."

Daou says the idea is to "close the triangle" formed by the the traditional media, the political establishment, and the blogosphere. "Enhancing the connection between the three entities is imperative for the Democratic Party and the progressive netroots," he wrote in his announcement. "There are endless possibilities for Clinton-netroots collaborations, from Net Neutrality to the Privacy Bill of Rights to voting reform to so many other critical issues."

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