Clip this keyboard to the iPhone 6 Plus and get productive

This clip-on keyboard is small but may be the portable solution iPhone 6 Plus owners are looking for to escape the onscreen keyboard.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on
(Image: Brando)

Little keyboards are not for everyone, but for those who need real keys for typing they can be an adequate solution for doing lots of typing. While there are a few large standalone keyboards that can be used with iPhones, based on the response to our coverage of a small one from Boxwave for the iPhone 6, some prefer tiny keyboards that fit the phone exactly.

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The long form of the iPhone 6 Plus lends itself for use with these minuscule keyboards, and the Brando Utra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard fits the phone nicely. This gizmo can be attached to the iPhone for transport, and can do so with the phone face down, protecting the phone screen, or with the display exposed for using it with the keyboard attached.
(Image: Brando)
When it's time to get some typing done, the iPhone 6 Plus is removed from the keyboard unit and placed in the integrated stand. The keyboard connects to the phone via Bluetooth, and features a QWERTY keyboard complete with iOS control keys that are accessed in combination with the Fn key. These include Home, screen lock, volume up/down, and media player controls, along with others.
(Image: Brando)

The small size of the Brando keyboard will not likely make touch typing possible, but should easily handle two-finger typing. The physical keys are thoughtfully laid out and spaced, and the unit appears to be sturdy.

The Brando is charged with an included microUSB cable. The keyboard adds some bulk to the thin iPhone 6 Plus, but may be a reasonable compromise for those needing physical keys. It is available from Brando for $48.

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