Cloud-based home health monitoring service works with your phone

Independa's Health Measures is their new CloudCare service that helps monitor patients at home using any landline or cellphone. No new hardware, no installations.
Written by Janet Fang, Contributor

A no-hardware, no-installation alternative in home health monitoring…

Independa just announced a new platform that combines conventional phones with cloud-based services to improve remote care for elderly patients.

It’s called Health Measures, and it works with any landline or cellphone that you already have at home.

Caregivers can record biometric information – weight, blood pressure, glucose level, temperature, pulse, heart rate – using the basic and universally available phone. No special technological infrastructure or sophisticated wireless monitors and sensors.

And what’s also cool is that you don’t need any cellular coverage or broadband service. So it works even if you have bad cellphone reception.

Information entered using the phone is converted to digital form and then delivered to Independa’s cloud-based telecare solution, CloudCare. All that info is merged with other data to give a complete and continuous view of a person’s body’s goings-on.

The data is collected on the Independa Caregiver Web app, which also allows caregivers to create and follow responses to automatic reminders for patients to take their medications, exercise, eat, hydrate, and keep medical appointments.

The new service will help hospitals and professional and family caregivers monitor a person’s biotelemetry as soon as they return to home, without having to wait for new monitors to be set up or worrying about updating info during that transition period – minimizing unnecessary hospital readmissions or expensive home visits.

It should be available next month. Via Independa press release [pdf].

Image by retrowow via Flickr

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