Cloud Foundry open-sources its Certified Developer Exam course

Cloud Foundry reasons, since the code's open-source, why not open-source the course work for the developer exam too? At the same time, Google also sees the advantage of open-sourcing the documentation process.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

The Cloud Foundry Foundation, home to the open-source Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud, has announced it will open-source its educational material to help prepare developers for its Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam

The Foundation isn't the only one turning to the community for documentation. At the Open Source Summit Europe in Lyon, France, Megan Byrd-Sanicki, a Google Open Source Strategist, announced they're working on a new program that brings new technical writers to open-source projects without sufficient resources to do documentation right: Season of Docs

This, Byrd-Sanick said, is "similar to our Google Summer of Code, which matches students with projects to work on code, but with Season of Docs, we are hiring tech writers and paying them to work on project documentation. I am really pleased that this year, we are working with 50 different open-source projects, and we have already secured the tech writers and the work is underway." 
As for Cloud Foundry's new preparation course, its material will include content for both instructor-led discussions and hands-on examples. This is in addition to the current Cloud Foundry Developer training course. To ensure this prep course does not mirror elements of the exam too closely, it will take a functional look at the Cloud Foundry competencies, which may be covered on the exam.
"By making this material available widely, we give the most people possible the ability to prepare for the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam," said Chip Childers, CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation in a statement.
The Cloud Foundry Certified Developer (CFCD) is a professional cloud-native developer certification. It's an excellent way for developers to prove their Cloud Foundry skills and expertise to potential employers. The Linux Foundation's most recent Open Source Jobs Report found that hiring managers value certifications. As for Cloud Foundry jobs, the most recent  2019 Dice.com jobs report showed PaaS skills in its top 10 paying tech skills.
This new program comes after Cloud Foundry announced a new version of its training and certification program. The new curriculum and certification requirements reflect the latest Cloud Foundry changes. 

The exam takes about three hours to complete. It includes performance-based questions and multiple-choice to test developers on their practical and conceptual knowledge of Cloud Foundry and general cloud-native architecture principles.

Topics covered in the exam include:

  • Cloud Foundry Basics
  • Cloud-Native Architectural Principles
  • Troubleshooting Applications on Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud-Native Application Security
  • Working with Services in Cloud Foundry
  • Application Management on Cloud Foundry
  • Container Management within Cloud Foundry

Want to know more about the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Exam? You can study the existing Cloud Foundry exam preparation course here. You can also head to the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Preparation pages on GitHub

Byrd-Sanick said, "The world has enough rock stars; let's get some more docs stars." With documentation always lagging behind code, it's well past time to emphasize the value of both documentation in and of itself and to bring an open-source approach to documentation. 

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