Cloud impact on mobile solutions

Chris Hazelton on the impact of cloud on mobile solutions
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

I was reviewing a recent document authored by Chriz Hazelton, Director for 451 Research's Mobility Research, concerning the impact the move to cloud-based architectures and thought you'd might find a quick summary useful.

Key Insights

  • Mobile rapidly gaining prominence in the enterprise
    • Workers are going mobile with or without IT support
    • Smartphone revolution putting mobile computers in the hands of knowledge workers

  • Mobile devices create millions of new cloud endpoints
    • 3G now a prerequisite for smartphones
    • Smartphone shipments will soon exceed that of PCs

  • Anytime, anywhere connectivity
    • No other enterprise tool is carried 24x7 by employees
    • 4G networks will expand reach of wireless data networks

What does this all mean?

As smart mobile devices are pressed into service for more and more workloads (regardless of the wishes of an organization's IT staff), this offers some suppliers to step around the status quo and make inroads into a broad group of organizations. Mobile service providers (AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. in the U.S.) and suppliers of integrated mobile devices (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Palm, RIM, Palm, etc.) stand to gain ground. Suppliers of today's development tools and run time environments for mobile solutions could lose ground.

What are you seeing in your organization?

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