​Cloud procurement first up for NSW government's buy.nsw platform

Expected to go live before the end of the month, buy.nsw is the state's new procurement platform aiming to make selling to government easier.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor
Image: Asha Barbaschow/ZDNet

The New South Wales government will be soon launching buy.nsw, a single platform for state government procurement.

Speaking at CeBIT Australia in Sydney on Wednesday, NSW government acting government chief information and digital officer Dawn Routledge said the new buy.nsw website, which will go live at the end of the month, is a "real opportunity to make it easier to do business with government".

The first procurement cab off the rank for the new platform will be a marketplace for cloud applications.

"In the first instance will be a marketplace for cloud applications, so thinking about how we support our government datacentre marketplace and then based on that experience and feedback to build that out to create other pathways through that system," Routledge said.

"The key thing is it's not a new platform, the key thing is it's not a new front door, I guess the key thing is what we're trying to achieve through that which is to apply the principles of digital transformation to procurement processes and take the friction out of connecting buyers and sellers so that everybody can actually achieve what they want to achieve."

According to Routledge, the goal is to achieve faster and more robust on-boarding processes for vendors that rid of the "scary" forms currently required to provide services to the government.

"Rather than filling in those forms -- and no doubt in the NSW government we've got some frequent examples of those scary forms -- making it easier to register and to sell to different government agencies and across different categories, but through a single online process," she continued.

She said the goal of the new procurement platform, to be managed by NSW Procurement, is to help people find what they need, rather than forcing them to attempt understanding of the structure of existing IT categories.

The new procurement marketplace follows work conducted by the federal government's Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), which is shaking up the way government IT contracts are awarded.

The DTA last month announced the upcoming launch of a new Hardware Marketplace, slated as a place for government to buy products like monitors, tablets, PCs, servers, and technical services from the smaller vendors, in a space usually reserved for the technology heavyweights.

The Hardware Marketplace will sit alongside the Digital Marketplace, which provides a direct way for startups and smaller tech firms to pitch their ideas to government and is aimed at getting SMEs involved in the public sector's IT spend.


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