Cloudshare Pro - Business Person's Cloud?

Clouds for business people
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Most of the material that crosses my desk, all right, fights its way through the mounds of paper on my desk, that presents cloud computing focuses on the needs of organizations not individuals. Things such as collaborative solutions (Email, calendar management, task management, contact management, document storage and retrieval, etc.) are often focused on the needs of individuals first and then on organizations. Cloudshare, while offering products targeting the Enterprise, also has developed something, Cloudshare Pro, targeting the needs of business people.

Here's what Cloudshare has to say about Cloudshare Pro

CloudShare is a quick and easy way to share copies of your complex IT environments, online, so you can collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues – for demos, proofs-of-concept, training, or other enterprise applications – without wasting time copying gigabytes of software or shipping machines and people. Going beyond basic webinar or “virtual lab” offerings, CloudShare’s solutions enable users’ extended interaction in dedicated “hands on” production-grade replicas of their existing IT, delivered as cloud-based SaaS – while centrally monitoring and managing it all. Leading solutions providers have adopted CloudShare to extend access to their virtual infrastructure from the enterprise to the cloud.

Snapshot analysis

While this appears to be an interesting approach to satisfying the requirements of business users, it doesn't appear to address the needs of those who are rapidly moving and not-always-connected. That being said, the idea of a single price that includes everything would certainly be attractive to quite a few.

Let's see how this idea catches on over time.

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