CloudStore by the numbers: What has the government's G-cloud marketplace achieved so far?

With the UK government's online cloud services marketplace not far off its first birthday, we take a look at how much suppliers have been shifting and which government organisations have been buying.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Earlier this year, the UK government opened the doors to the CloudStore, the online marketplace where public sector organisations could buy from a list of pre-approved cloud services, from hosting to training.

With its first birthday not far away, ZDNet take a look at what the CloudStore has achieved to date.

  • 20 February 2012: Date the CloudStore went live:
  • Under two weeks between launch and first purchase

  • Four categories of services that can be bought through the CloudStore: infrastructure, software, platform, and specialist services

  • 99 separate deals agreed through the CloudStore to date

  • Over £2.2m in total sales made through the CloudStore to date

  • Around £1.5m spent with SMEs

  • Two frameworks used by the CloudStore

  • 26 October 2012: Date the second framework was launched

  • over 1,700 separate cloud services available on first framework

  • Over 3,100 services available on second framework

  • 257 suppliers on the first framework

  • 458 suppliers on the second framework

  • 74 percent: Proportion of SMEs on the first framework

  • 75 percent: Proportion of SMEs on the second framework

  • £555,817.74: Most business done in one month through the CloudStore

  • £251,000: Biggest single transaction in a month, spent by the Ministry of Justice with Huddle

  • £5: Smallest single transaction in a month, spent by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport with Fubra

  • Almost £500,000: Amount taken by Emergn, the supplier that's done the most business through the CloudStore to date

  • Over £400,000: Amount spent so far by the single biggest CloudStore user, the Department for Work and Pensions

  • 55: Number of public sector organisations that have used the CloudStore

  • 30: Number of suppliers that have done business through the CloudStore

  • Six: Number of weeks it took UK SME SolidSoft to build the CloudStore 

  • One: Number of major outages the CloudStore has experienced (in February, after Microsoft Azure went down)

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