Coin 4: An iPhone case that stands with the help of your change

This clever and fun smartphone case uses a coin to help it stand up on its own.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Another day, another ingenious, useful and smart iPhone case to wish for. Unlike others featured here, this case has less to do with protection and more to do with outright good, utilitarian design that happens to look nice along the way.

Urban Prefer's Coin 4 iPhone case has a simple and appealing geometric design. It would be a good phone case even if there was no good reason for the pattern in the care. But there is, the lines have a hidden function.

The indents in the case that form the pattern also serve as a type of phone kickstand, and all you need is loose change for it to work. All one needs is a coin, which fits perfectly into the diagonal grooves of the case, and the phone stands up on its own.

Smartphone owners as a group need a simple and understated way to easily prop up their phones. As a group, we watch a staggering amount of video from our devices and rarely can find an adequate surface to lean them on.To make it better, the coin can be adjusted for the best tilt angle, and when you're done, your change goes back to being change.

This may not be the most ground breaking industrial design innovation, but it is very clever, and an interesting way to look at problems and frustrations we encounter in our normal lives. Design, after all, is just everyday problem-solving.

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