Comcast confirms Microsoft deal: Xfinity coming to Xbox 360

Gaming consoles aren't really for gaming anymore now that they're being loaded with digital media from other providers.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Who has any time to use gaming consoles for video games anymore now that there are so many other options available? That question could be even more difficult to answer now as Comcast has confirmed that it will be delivering its Xfinity on-demand streaming service in a nicely packaged app for the Xbox 360.

Just last month, it was reported that Microsoft was in talks with both Comcast and Verizon to beef up its Xbox Live platform with more TV, film, and sports content in the United States and Europe.

So surprise, surprise! This rumor thankfully (at least for Xbox 360 owners who are Comcast subscribers) is true.

However, it won't be available immediately. At this point, Comcast is just saying that the Xfinity for Xbox 360 app is "coming soon." When it does arrive, we can expect to see a more "unique" experience as this version will take advantage of Kinect's voice and gesture controls.

It's not likely that Comcast subscribers will buy an Xbox 360 because of this as they likely already have cable boxes in their homes, so it's not really necessary to have another box lying around for the same purpose. However, Xbox 360 owners might want to take more advantage out of their consoles and get Comcast, and then they can access Xfinity from multiple other devices, mainly PCs and tablets.

Another way this might play out is that Comcast subscribers might end up loaning their Comcast ID info to friends/family with Xbox 360s, which is quite likely. That might be to Comcast's chagrin, but who knows? Maybe then those Xbox 360 owners will love Xfinity so much, they'll sign up for Comcast accounts themselves! After all, Comcast was named as the "fastest Internet provider" in the United States by PC Magazine recently.

Now if only Sony's PlayStation 3 could get this...


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