Comdex: Acer puts security on the keyboard... thingy

A keyboard that doubles up as a security guard/e-commerce authenticator is being developed by Acer.
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

Demo'ed at Comdex, the Accufeel S2P keyboard (product name may change at launch) has a built-in "swipe dock" that takes information from a smartcard and either authorises an electronic transaction or freezes a machine until an authorised user is detected.

Another prototype keyboard - yet to be christened - affords MIS managers "the ultimate security" says an Acer official, by scanning a user's thumb print. "What you do is stick your thumb into the thumb thingy and the software verifies who you are."

As they say in Vegas, "Neat."

Thumb "thingys" will be available sometime late next year.

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