Congratulations to our Amazon Echo Plus winners

Thank you to all who participated in our ZDNet Smart City Sweepstakes and congratulations to the Amazon Echo Plus winners.
Written by Tammy Cavadias, Contributor
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Recently ZDNet had a Smart City Sweepstakes in which one had a chance to win an Amazon Echo Plus by answering one simple question "What smart technology would you like your city to implement?"

We received so many outstanding and thoughtful responses that we thought we'd share a few with you:

I'd like Seattle (and every other metropolitan area) to deploy smart traffic intersections that help to reduce bottlenecks by intelligently sensing the volume of traffic and dynamically adjusting green-light / red-light timing accordingly. By member: Mark Chisholm

I would say crime predictive software. Using weather, heat and events happening in the city the technology can predict areas of a city in which crimes are more likely to happen. Living in a college town the software would be very good for predicting how people might respond to events like a football game loss. By member: zyklon1

I would like for my city to install public high-speed wi-fi. Currently we are a major college town (Tuscaloosa, AL) with only spotty and often non-existent wi-fi. It is a major reason why the University fails to attract and keep data-based businesses and especially startups is its lack of appropriate infrastructure. By member: bobcat4424

I would like my city to develop a system that deploys a drone network to respond to crime and emergencies. The system would employ a large number of miniature drones city wide that have preprogrammed flight paths and the ability for manual control on command. When a serious problem is reported, the appropriate group of drones could be deployed and monitored by a command center so that the issue can be seen, identified and tracked before first responders could even arrive. By member: KimABQ

I live in a relatively small suburb. I'd like our town to implement a high-speed wireless mesh network to provide quality internet to everyone in the town rather than having everyone paying the various cable / phone companies for internet. It would save money overall and be a nice incentive to businesses to look at our area. By member: bobaaaaaa19

We also wanted to say "Thank you" to all that participated and extend our congratulations to the winners: Fernando S., Sara P., Sandra S., and Margaret S. We hope you have been enjoying your Amazon Echo Plus.

If you missed out on this sweepstakes, don't fret, as we plan to have more sweepstakes in 2018 in which you can win some fabulous prizes.

On that note, let us know below, "What technology prize would you like to see us offer in our next sweepstakes?"

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