Conspiracy theory: Yellow Submarine iPod touch on 9/9/9

I have predict that Apple will finally announce a partnership with The Beatles and its label, Apple Corps Ltd., at its media event on September 9, 2009. Why? The date.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Apple will finally announce a partnership with The Beatles and its label, Apple Corps Ltd., at its media event that's been rumored for September 9, 2009. At least that's my theory.

Here's why:

For starters, Apple Corps Ltd. has been widely promoting the upcoming release of its completely remastered Beatles catalog which will land on September 9, 2009 (9/9/9).

The Beatles Stereo Box Set (available for pre-order from Amazon for $180) consists of 14 remastered CDs and a DVD with 13 new QuickTime mini-documentaries (one for each of the 13 original albums) featuring photos, footage and conversations from the Abbey Road Studio Sessions. An 11 CD Mono Box Set will also be available (price and date TBD).

About that date. Apple prefers to make announcements on Tuesday so that they don't get lost in the news glut on Monday. Two the past four years, Apple's September music event has occurred on a Tuesday. Two years were on Wednesdays. Call this one a long shot but Apple couldn't announce the iTunes Beatles partnership on Tuesday 9/8 because it's the day before the remasters are released.

Also, Apple's suspiciously mum about the actual date of the September music event, no invitations, nada. Why? Because if Apple announces the September 9, 2009 date the cat will be out of the bag. It will be a dead giveaway that The Beatles are involved.

Then there's that mysterious television commercial that Apple shot in 40's-style diner in California last month. It could be the first commercial promoting The Beatles iTunes tie up. Apple loves showing its brand new TV commercials at its keynotes.

Check out The Beatles 999 promotional video, it practically looks like an iPod commercial.

So there you have it, The Beatles will finally grace the iTunes on 9/9/9. I predict that Apple will also offer a limited edition iPod touch that will include the entire remastered catalog and a special Beatles app of some sort. You heard it here first :)

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What other sort of interesting music ties-ins could Apple announce with The Beatles?

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