Consumerization interruptus: Companies remain wary of personal smartphone support

Companies are trying to figure out how to best support multiple personal devices and it's a big headache.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Twenty six percent of enterprises don't provide any support for personal devices and another 10 percent prohibit use of employee-owned smartphones, according to Forrester Research.

The findings, which were delivered via a research note on managing multiple devices in the workplace, highlight how the consumerization bandwagon isn't exactly filled up yet.

Sixteen percent of companies support all personal devices and the respondents to Forrester's surveys show a lot of gray area in their IT policies. Here's a look:

This landscape indicates that many companies are trying to figure out how to best support multiple devices. Forrester said clients are looking toward mobile device management software. Among the other key takeaways:

  • Job function matters. Companies prioritize personal smartphone support based on job role. In other words, sales folks have a better case for tablet usage than others.
  • One policy is needed for both personal and corporate devices.
  • Prioritize support for iOS and Android because employees will work around you.
  • There's a big need for an enterprise-grade app store that spans platforms. Enterprises aren't thrilled with Apple's iTunes or the Android Market.

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