Convention-defying hanging nightclub proposed for Hong Kong

Beautiful plan for Hong Kong Nightclub Hotel design competition is suspended from surrounding buildings.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Usually, buildings spring from the ground, not hang over it. However, a project that recently won third prize in the Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong international competition, seeks to defy this assumption.

The concept was designed by young architectural firm, Urbanplunger, and the structure is completely suspended, elevated from the streets by leaning on the surrounding buildings.  This hanging design fits in neatly with Hong Kong's extremely compact planning.

The lowest part of the structure will house the nightclubs. The middle-levels will feature the lobby and hotel registration, as well as a spa, swimming pool, business center, stores and restaurant. The upper-levels of the building will be used for hotel guest rooms.

All of the floor slabs will have the same depth and size, but the structure will taper inwards as it goes upward, allwowing for room for balconies and terraces for the hotel rooms.

The building will be connected to the ground by elevators that go up to the lobby through the lower nightclub levels that will be open to the public. Below the building the firm has included green space-- increasing the area of the recreational space already in existence.

As for construction and stability, this parasitic building will transfer its entire load onto the buildings that it lean via frames called the "wings" of the design, allowing for all parts of the building to be made from strong and light composite materials.

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Images: Urbanplunger

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