Convince others you need a Nokia E-series device

Have fun walking through the 3 simple steps of the "Convince-o-matic" Nokia machine. If you think you may want an E-series device then playing with this online flash machine may help you come up with some good reasons to justify the purchase.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Even though I am trying out a PPC 6700 on the Sprint EVDO network my primary device, used with T-Mobile, is the Nokia E61. I switched from the Treo 650 to the Nokia E61 and 2 months later I am still convinced it is the better device for me. If you need to put something together to convince your boss, IT department, or someone close to you that a Nokia E-series device is for you then you may enjoy the fun "Convince-o-matic" flash machine on Nokia's site. You simply drag and drop the yellow stickies, one per screen, into the spinning black hole and a presentation is mashed together for you that you can view at the end. You can even have the presentation emailed to you in PDF format so you can share it with others. Thanks to Steve at All About Symbian for a good laugh today.
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