Corel's Java suite light on code, features

Canadian software giant Corel will release its Office for Java productivity application suite next March but warned it will not be as feature-rich as the regular suite.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

"Office for Java requires only 2Mb to 3Mb [RAM] even when you've loaded all the applets," said Marc-Antoine Benglia, Corel's communications manager. In comparison, Corel's Office for Windows 95 takes around 16Mb, he said.

"It's not as feature-rich as the regular suite but it's lighter." Office for Java will be released to manufacturing on February 28 and ship March 15. It will initially be sold on a per server licence, but Corel plans to sell it as a standalone product later on.

Benglia explained why Corel chose to write an application suite in Java: "With the Windows platform we can never be a Microsoft, they own the platform. They're number one, we're number two. Things might change now."

Separately, Benglia said Corel will launch Web Master Suite (£170 + VAT) on January 15, which will contain Web Designer, Web Graphics Suite, Photo Paint 7.0, Web Site Builder and Web Site Analyzer. Corel will also bring out the next version of CorelDraw for Macintosh in April.

Benglia also confirmed pricing for Office Professional 7.0 for Windows NT Server 4.0, available early January. It will cost around £1,300 per server, £1,000 for each subsequent licence for two to four servers, and £800 apiece for five to twenty-five further servers. The suite will also include all the Web products mentioned above.

Corel's distributor, Channel Market Makers can be contacted by telephone on 01703-814142.

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