Coros updates Vertix and Apex watches with training and strength modes

Unlike some companies that require the purchase of new hardware for new significant features, Coros continues to actively add enhanced capability to its wearables. The latest update takes your Vertix or Apex watch to the next level.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last year I purchased a Coros Vertix and since then we have seen updates that added touchscreen functionality and amazingly accurate track support.

Coros just released an update, version 2.27, that adds custom training and strength modes. I viewed the launch video a few weeks ago and thought it might be a useful feature for some people. After installing the update on my Vertix and checking out the various options in the Coros smartphone app, I now cannot wait to set up all kinds of running and strength programs.

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The Coros Pod captures advanced running metrics and running power data. In a future update, I would love to see Coros add the ability to create running training programs that set power as the standard rather than heart rate or pace. The bike training program supports power so it seems possible to add this option to running. We have seen power come to Polar Vantage V watches, but there are still now power-based running training programs that guide runners directly on a GPS sports watch.

Training mode

In the updated Coros app, tap on the third tab to view your account details and other advanced settings. Below your profile information is a bar that now contains training, muscle heatmap, and record.


Tap on the Training icon where you can then choose to create programs. Program options are available for running, biking, and swimming. All options launch with the same default program template that includes a warm up section, exercise section, and cool down section. There is a button to add more to your run, bike, or swim program.

Options for each section include time, intensity type, intensity level, and sets. Swim options include different strokes, run options include rest times and recovery heart rate levels, cycle options let you set intensity levels for heart rate, speed, and power.

After setting up various programs, you can choose to share them to your Vertix or Apex watch. They will then appear under the Training option on your watch and you can initiate them just like you do with a typical run, bike, or swim program.

With the ability to share programs, I'm curious if Coros users are sharing their programs in a community as we could all build up some fantastic advanced training programs useful for everyone.

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Strength mode

The fourth option for creating programs is Strength. Warm-up, training, and cool down options are again present. Reps, weight amount, and sets are the variables that can be established for various exercises.

The most impressive aspect of the Strength mode to me is the vast library of available exercises. They are organized by body part, equipment, specific muscle, and custom options in alphabetical order.

When you tap on an exercise, an animation of the exercise is shown with your muscle part highlighted in the animation. Descriptions of the exercise include starting position, action, tips, training parts, muscle groups, and machine type.

The muscle heatmap will track and display the muscles exercised when you complete strength mode programs. Front and back views of a human are displayed on your display with the ability to view a heatmap for the last month, last three months, and last six months.

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