Correction: Make IT Simple's DeMailer

A tool that gives Lotus Notes users similar email retraction facilities to Microsoft Outlook users has the all-clear from the Information Commission
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

A report published on ZDNet UK News on Thursday, 15 November contained a number of errors regarding an email retraction tool for Lotus Notes. The product in question, called DeMailer, is produced by Make IT Simple, an Advanced IBM/Lotus business partner, and not, as the article originally suggested, by IBM itself. Make IT Simple is a consultancy specialising in Lotus Notes and Domino, and created the DeMailer product to add a retraction facility to Notes and Domino Servers.

The report said that the Office of the Information Commissioner had concerns with DeMailer. In fact the Commission says it has never had any concerns with email retraction products like DeMailer, which only retrieve emails from a server, in a consensual system.

The Commission says that if a retraction product retrieved emails from any point "after the server", then there could be issues under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, but accepts that DeMailer does not fall into this category.

ZDNet UK is happy to accept the assertions of Make IT Simple that DeMailer does not break any UK laws, including the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

ZDNet UK would like to apologise for any confusion caused by this article. Make IT Simple's Web site is at www.makeitsimple.net.

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