'Cowboys' using Action 2000 database to con firms

You might think all 'bug busters' listed with Action 2000 are a trustworthy bunch, but you'd be wrong...
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Action 2000 admitted today that it has been exploited and that some companies are being ripped off by unscrupulous ‘bug services organisations' listed on the Action 2000 database.

"Several" listed companies are "not entirely above board" according to Gwynneth Flower, managing director of Action 2000.

Flower identified small businesses as being "at significant risk" from "cowboys out to make a quick buck" as the race to eradicate millennium bug problems gathers speed. Flower advised small businesses to do plenty of homework before buying in bug busting services. "Look at two or three approaches to your problem. Identify mission critical parts of the system and be specific about what services you need," Flower said.

There are cases pending between Action 2000 and companies who have wrongly claimed they have Action 2000 approval. For legal reasons, no details are yet available.

Companies concerned about a contractor's work should get in touch with their local Citizen's Advice Bureau, Flower advised.

Is this enough? Isn't it Action 2000's job to ensure all service companies are thoroughly vetted before being put on the Action 2000 Web site?

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