Credit card to help raise funds for Linux Foundation

Open-source devotees now have a new way to support Linux, with the launch of a branded credit card featuring Tux the penguin
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

For open-source devotees, there is now another way to support Linux — get yourself a new flexible friend.

The Linux Foundation has announced its own branded credit card this week, which comes sporting a picture of the Linux mascot, Tux the penguin.

Cute cartoons aside, the card will be used to generate funds for the Foundation, a not-for-profit consortium that aims to encourage the growth of Linux.

The organisation will get $50 (£30) every time the card is activated, plus "ongoing contributions".

The money will "go directly toward providing community technical events and travel grants for open-source community members", according to the Foundation.

UK open-sourcers may be disappointed, however: the card — a Visa Platinum — will initially be available only in the US, although it is expected to hit new countries in the next few months.

Linux credit card

The card will be used to generate funds for the Linux Foundation
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