Cricket Wireless gives customers more data for the same price

Who doesn't like getting more data without your monthly bill going up?
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Cricket Wireless

Prepaid wireless carrier Cricket Wireless is giving users of its $50 plan 3GB more of data per month, while leaving the monthly fee alone. Previously a promotional price and data cap, Cricket has made the $50 plan a permanent offering in its lineup.

Cricket is also adding data to its $40 plan, which goes from 2.5GB to 3GB. The $60 plan will see an increase from 10GB to 12GB.

The new plans go into effect Jan. 27 for current and new customers, according to Thursday's announcement.

Cricket's data increase comes on the heels of T-Mobile's latest Un-Carrier announcement, where the carrier took a page from Cricket's playbook and started bundling miscellaneous taxes and fees into the monthly price of service. So, instead of signing up for a $120 plan, only to receive a bill much higher than that due to taxes, customers will pay the advertised price.

Cricket Wireless also announced a tax season promotion to attract new customers by lowering the cost of select smartphones.

The list includes devices such as the LG Style 2 for $79.99 and the Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime for $29.99. A complete list of devices included in the promotion can be found here.

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