CRM Idol 2012 voting starts today

CRM Idol 2012, going on since April, has been a great ride for more than 60 companies. But we are down to the wire; it's time for the finalists to be judged and the winners to be picked.
Written by Paul Greenberg, Contributor

CRM Idol 2012 is now in its final phase.  Since April 2012, when we started with a field of more than 60 emerging technology companies representing some 15 countries (roughly) around the world, we have put them through, demonstrations of their products, interviews about their companies, intensive discussions around their strategies, thinking, sense of the market, feelings about their employees and their plans for the future.  If they made the finals they were required, as last year, to produce a video to capture the essence of their company so that not only a distinguished panel of judges representing every facet of the customer facing world would vote on them, but so would you.  So, we'd love to get you to participate in the voting and tell us who your 2012 CRM Idol winners would be.  Don't underestimate the importance of your vote. You are helping small emerging technology companies who didn't have the opportunity they do now to become an important player in the customer service or marketing or sales or social technology world.

CRM Idol's website is the primary polling place. The voting runs from November 26 to December 7.

Here's How to Vote

The steps:

  1. Go to the CRM Idol Website Finalists page.
  2. Watch the 4 videos for the Americas: the 3 for Europe/Asia/Australia
  3. Pick one company that you like from the Americas and one from Europe/Asia/Australia and along with voting from that amazing panel of judges, you will crown the 2012 CRM Idol which will be announced on December 12. 
  4. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO VOTE FOR CRM IDOL 2012. You also will be able to vote from the CRM Idol finalist pages. Its clearly marked.

Thanks so much for making a difference in this industry.

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