CRM Idol 2013 Voting Starts Here and Now

CRM Idol 2013 is now in the final stretch. You want to know who is going to win. Vote and help make that decision. You need information? This is one of the places to find out what to do as we all get a chance to judge emerging technology companies and impact their future.
Written by Paul Greenberg, Contributor

Okay, patrons of the arts and sciences. We are down to the final week of CRM Idol 2013 and this is arguably the most exciting of them all. This is where you, the people, get to vote on who you like as the sole winner this year and this is the time where the videos of the CRM Finalists are revealed for your viewing pleasure.

Voting for a winner is going to be pretty tough since all five finalists are truly deserving of the opportunity. They are all excellent companies, all interesting, all with great potential. That said, only one can win this so please choose wisely.

I'd show you the videos here but unfortunately, that's not possible for multiple reasons. So please follow the procedure below and vote your mind and heart for any of these worthy companies. 

The Procedure

  1. Please look at all five of these embedded videos. Go to either the CRM Idol website or to my other blog PGreenblog and watch all five. 
  2. Click on the links that are here and on either site, to view CRM Idol page of the company and the one that takes you to the judge’s review.
  3. Then cast your vote from the page that you viewed the videos or CAST YOUR VOTE HERE

Simple, yet it’s a weighty decision. What you vote actually can impact these five excellent companies future.

So here we go.


UserVoice CRM Idol site

UserVoice Judges’ review  

UserVoice Video


NextPrinciples CRM Idol site

NextPrinciples Judges’ review

NextPrinciples Video


MindTouch CRM Idol site

MindTouch Judges’ review

MindTouch Video

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight CRM Idol site

Cirrus Insight Judges’ review

Cirrus Insight Video


BlueCamroo CRM Idol site

BlueCamroo Judge’s Review

BlueCamroo Video

Okay, now you've seen the videos, you've read the reviews. Time to vote. Pick your 2013 CRM Idol champ!!

Once again, your polling places:




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