CRM Playaz: Episode #2: Twitterspeak; Plagiarism Just Doesn't Go Away

Oddly, to us, at least, Brent Leary and I got a great response to episode #1 of CRM Playaz.  Its actually become my top rated blog posting here ever.
Written by Paul Greenberg, Contributor

Oddly, to us, at least, Brent Leary and I got a great response to episode #1 of CRM Playaz.  Its actually become my top rated blog posting here ever.

Well, that inspired us, and we were doubly inspired when Rand Schulman, industry veteran, raconteur and Chief Marketing Officer of InsideView called us the "Click and Clack" of CRM.  If you don't know who "Click and Clack" are, check them out here - and you'll see why that was actually a compliment, not a reference to us as alien life.

This week's episode as always, if I can establish this as a pattern, not only goes over what we discussed last week and future plans, but two topics of incredible gravitas. Listen up.

Some Changes

The changes to the ever-evolving, always rotating CRM Playaz were minor. We're changing the "CEO Corner" to "C-Level Smackdown". The rules remain the same though we widen those who can come on the show.  Any senior executive who agrees to be on the show will allowed to talk about:

  1. Themselves
  2. The industry
  3. Any other topic EXCEPT their company

If they talk about their company, we get to smack them upside the head - virtually of course, since several of them are younger and in better shape than me and Brent - at least me.

We have some 4 CEOs who have agreed to appear already.   Those 4 will be scheduled by the next show or two and we'll announce who they are and when they're going to appear on the show.   Heh. Heh.

This Week On Playaz

Two topics dominate the discussion.  First up, Twitterspeak, That tworrible tway of twalking to twon twanother.  God! We both love Twitter, but Twitterspeak is easily one of the worst results of human thinking and behavior - since, since -Twitterspeak.   If you want to get a comprehensive view of words that are part of the Twitterspeak lexicon or you simply need something that will help you induce vomiting, go to the Mashable list of 66 Twitterspeak terms and you'll get an idea of what Brent and I are doing a beatdown on.

The #2 Item on the Playaz list, ah, yes, the #2 item.  This is one you might already be familiar with.  If you remember a few weeks ago, Brent had an entire post he did for the American Express Open Forum on "Barack 2.0" lifted by someone at what is, on the surface of it, an upscale, well established public relations firm called LaForce + Stevens out of NYC.   If you remember, Brent wrote on the theft here and I wrote on it with a post on this very blog here.

Well, this "Public Relations" firm, after contacting Brent due to a lot of pressure on the PR side of it, started to chat with him about some sort of solution to the crisis but have been let's just call it, "speaking in poor faith"  and have not communicated with Brent for several weeks despite his attempts to get this taken care of.  So the gloves are off on with this PR firm who should be called "LaFarce minus Stevens" because of their incredible lack of knowledge of Public Relations 101 - which states, "stay in touch with the aggrieved party." Or "communicate, communicate, communicate." OR "do things in good faith, not so that they will fade away."

Because they won't.  As you can hear on this episode of CRM Playaz.

Join in. We took your comments seriously - and made some changes accordingly. We'll be announcing a way for you to join the show live if you care to in a few weeks so that you can become part of it.

Have a good one!

CRM Playaz - Episode #2

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