CRM Playaz Episode #9: SAP, Sage, Serious, Merry, Eat, Drink, Bling

CRM Playaz Episode #9Welcome to CRM Playaz Episode #9.  Yeah, we're still in business.
Written by Paul Greenberg, Contributor

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CRM Playaz Episode #9

Welcome to CRM Playaz Episode #9.  Yeah, we're still in business.  This episode, even with no C-Level Smackdown (#10 will have one. Guest is ready to rock) will warm the cockles of your heart - for those of you over 50, you might know what the heck that means. We talk about Sapphire - the SAP conference. We talk about Sage Insight - The Sage conference.  We're even serious about it for awhile, which runs counter to our stated mission for the show - but who in the world cares?  We then do what's important about the conferences and blab on the food, parties and the swag a.k.a. bling.  What 'til you hear what we ate, drank and got.  I'm sure you can't wait.

As always the music plays and we are set free.


Opening: Use Your Experience by Charles Bobus. Courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network

Closing: Got My Mojo Working from the album, The Lost Tapes by Muddy Waters. Buy it at Amazon.com

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