CRM software returns $5.60 on every dollar invested, says Nucleus

Cloud deployments, productivity gains and sales growth drive returns for CRM.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Customer relationship management software delivers $5.60 on every dollar spent, according to Nucleus Research.

The claim is based on numerous CRM deployments from the likes of "Salesforce.com, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sage − as well as CRM-focused projects of SAVO Group, Cloud9, and IBM customers."

Nucleus, which based its ROI figure based on 70 case studies, noted that many large companies are already on their second and third CRM implementations after stumbling out of the gate. Now these companies are getting returns.

The other trend driving returns is the way CRM is delivered. Companies can deploy CRM as a service in most cases and that lowers upfront costs. CRM has also changed processes for the rank-and-file to drive productivity. Meanwhile, critical data is pushed to workers so data is better utilized.

Nucleus said:

Although CRM is often first considered as a top-line investment to drive increased sales, many projects also yield direct benefits as well. In fact, in terms of overall financial value the CRM projects studied in this analysis delivered 63 percent direct benefits, such as cost savings or avoided hires, and 37 percent indirect benefits, such as increased productivity or greater customer retention.

Nucleus positioned CRM investment as a "no brainer." The research firm didn't show its math on how it arrived at the $5.60 for every dollar spent metric.

Do you buy Nucleus' ROI case?

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