Cryptocurrency platforms DragonEx and CoinBene disclose hacks

DragonEx is believed to have lost at least $1 million, while CoinBene losses are estimated around $45 million.
Written by Catalin Cimpanu, Contributor

Two cryptocurrency exchange portals, DragonEx and CoinBene, have disclosed hacks this week and have both gone into maintenance mode to investigate and improve their infrastructure.

DragonEx is believed to have lost over $1 million worth of cryptocurrency, while CoinBebe's losses are estimated at over $45 million, according to industry observers.

It should be noted that none of the two cryptocurrency exchanges have put out exact figures of the sums they've lost, and none have responded to requests for comments from ZDNet.

The DragonEx hack

The first of the two to admit to a hack was DragonEx. In a message posted on its English Telegram channel, the exchange said it was attacked on Sunday, March 24, when hackers stole part of its funds.

DragonEx 1st message
Image: ZDNet

DragonEx sad the hacker transfered funds to other exchanges, but they were able to recover some of the money, but not all.

Earlier today, one of the exchange's administrators posted another Telegram message with the hacker's wallets that are currently storing stolen DragonEx funds.

DragonEx 2nd message
Image: ZDNet

Accounts in several cryptocurrencies can be seen. It is unknown if the hacker has already converted the funds into other cryptocurrencies, or if these are the funds that he originally stole from DragonEx.

Some of these cryptocurrencies provide web portals where users can view the total funds stored inside the respective wallets. Based on a cursory search, ZDNet was able to identify accounts that stored more than $1 million in various cryptocurrencies, but the hacker is believed to have stolen much more.

Authorities in Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, and HongKong are assisting the Singapore-based exchange with its investigation.

The CoinBebe hack

The second cryptocurrency to have annonced a hack this week is CoinBebe, which admitted to being targeted by hackers earlier today in a tweet.

Coinbene hack message

The platform said that all funds are "100% secure" and promised that if any users lost funds, they'll be compensate in full.

However, on social media, some industry experts have contested the company's assessment that no funds were taken.

Crypptocurrency expert Nick Schteringard said on Twitter yesterday, that the hacker appears to have stolen roughly $6 million in Coinbene Coin and $39 million in Maximine Coin, which it later dumped on the market.

The Coinbene website remains in maintenance mode at the time of writing. Coinbene and DragonEx are ranked 10th and 30th, respectively, based on the past 30 days trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap

Below is a text version of the list of wallets shared by the DragonEx exec.

ETH: 0xa7f72bf63edeca25636f0b13ec5135296ca2ebb2
EOS: worldfoxprin whatagoodeos
XRP: r4y4SZNzZDQdFR51RTFq23cjUvtV3WWzHx
ETC: 0x39c46975becee0e12eb384d066228600e02ab82a
NEO: ASwwE8eG2LecYezPUz3UQnBzgbNqoySiLQ
ABBC: AYQz4Zruq16pC8uBF3ThUraWWUo2tTWCaP
LTC: MS2hm59R95XUxek6vxSTSRjfkNHT3CA8gU
BCHABC: qz7r39tdkcq497p9d9mpftzaqh6v228x0uw6z4lf38
XMR: f5f32732ef34e38bd9570dcca9e4d1e2ebb00938e97af06fbfd8dd1e26de85c2
ADA: Ae2tdPwUPEZ6CZNg5kVEcobu1WQfYzdmRPGkgUFiLZ1Wz4cehQhu82HYBNh
ONT: AQj5xK8vKdu3mpaTj2LwW9nc734160Vagy
TRX: TJeMF6CpEDeG94UAF7d4dzjXkgrwwtDGFB
BTM: bm1qcnz52kmsxj8t8nww8eezp387e3dafl8e0k3fse
XAS: A5DgXp3mt7TBsnqnwoRosczaEavSTWY1WY
ICX: hxaca4668f3b18693701c6e220b4a8986095ab7b19
QTUM: QaXoHzBF9nmh5FHzgnamY33Pb11UexTsrc

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