CTIA 2012: Nokia announces new exclusive Lumia Windows Phone apps

Nokia offers Lumia owners special exclusives on software and services and today at CTIA they announced a few more upcoming titles. All WP users benefit though as more titles are coming to the entire platform as well.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I posted about my experiences with the white Nokia Lumia 900 and referenced the Nokia Conversations post on the unique apps and services for Lumia and Windows Phone devices, but wanted to dive a bit further into the details of this announcement from CTIA. Nokia Lumia devices already offer some extra Nokia software and services not found on other Windows Phone devices and we now see there is even more coming soon.

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I'm sure we will hear people complain that Nokia is creating fragmentation in the platform, but in my view they are offering an enhanced experience for Lumia buyers as a way to distinguish themselves from others and they are doing nothing to the platform by offering more software choices. You can read all about the titles in the press release, but let's break them down and see what is exclusive to Nokia and/or Lumia devices.

Exclusive to Nokia Lumia

We have the following software titles that are exclusive just to Nokia Lumia for a period of time:

  • PGA Tour app - 12 month exclusive, launching June 2012
  • ESPN Hub - exclusive until May 2013, available now
  • Groupon updated app - exclusive for 6 months from Summer 2012 launch
  • AOL Entertainment Hub - exclusive to Nokia Lumia for 6 months

Coming to all Windows Phones

These other titles were announced by Nokia, but are coming to all Windows Phone devices:

  • Angry Birds Space, some specific content exclusive to Nokia Lumia
  • EA titles, including FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Jam, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Mirror's Edge, and Yahtzee
  • PayPal payment application
  • Time Magazine
  • Newsweek Daily Beast
  • Box for Windows Phone

So as you can see there are four titles exclusive to Nokia for a period of time, but all Windows Phone devices benefit from the major partnership that Nokia has developed with Microsoft and developers.

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