Customer experience (CX) disconnects: Is it the data or the complacency?

There were a bevy of CX surveys this week and the disconnect between CXOs and customers is not insignificant.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

This customer experience (CX) thing can be a bit confusing and you'd be forgiven for wondering whether the current state of affairs is due to data management, complacency or both.

It's one thing to say CX is everything to your company and quite another to actually deliver.

That's about the only solid conclusion you can garner from the spate of CX data points flying around as Adobe's big Summit conference concludes this week.


Accenture reports via a study that businesses that prioritize customer experience generate 11-percent higher shareholder returns. These companies have CMOs that develop a "living business" that builds engagement channels, scale and are relevant to customers. Accenture's survey of 1,000 CMOs and 500 CEOs found that 31 percent of chief executives expect CMOs to use customer data to drive new products, services and experiences.

In additions, CMOs apparently like newfangled roles and titles. Enter the chief storyteller, futurologists and causes matchmakers. I can only conclude that if you have a completely made up title you have to be an important person.


RedPoint Global commissioned a report by The Harris Poll to find marketers are twice as likely as consumers to believe in the ability of brands to deliver exceptional CX. RedPoint found that 63 percent of consumers expect personalization and 53 percent of respondents expect a company to recognize a customer across all touch points.

A few graphics on the marketer consumer disconnect on CX via RedPoint.

RedPoint Global

Adobe released a survey and found data management woes are hampering CX as well as that single view of the customer. The basic blocking and tackling of customer data needs some work.


Conclusion: Without good data management -- a skill few enterprises really have -- you can't create great customer experiences. Then assuming you have your data act together you actually have to care about the customer beyond driving revenue. Pick your hurdle when it comes to CX, but I'd argue neither issue is easy to clear. 

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