Cyanogen: No, we are not pivoting to apps or shelving CyanogenMod

Android-based smartphone operating system company founder hits back at "misinformation" surrounding its plans.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Android custom ROM maker Cyanogen won't be changing tack, according to its CTO and cofounder. (Image: Cyanogen)

The Android-based smartphone software company Cyanogen has insisted that it is not switching strategy to focus on apps, and it will not be shelving its CyanogenMod open-source operating system.

There were reports last week of job cuts and a change in strategy at the company. In a post on the CyanogenMod website, Cyanogen's CTO and cofounder Steve Kondik said he wanted to "address the circus of misinformation which has sprung up recently".

"CyanogenMod isn't going anywhere, nor has Cyanogen Inc. discontinued its efforts towards the goal of bringing it to a larger audience," he said.

"Contrary to popular belief, we are not 'pivoting to apps' nor are we shelving [CyanogenMod]," Kondik added.

Cyanogen makes a commercial smartphone operating system distribution, Cyanogen OS, and the open-source CyanogenMod. Both are based on Android, with additional features that the company says improve security, battery life, and more. The company has raised a total of $110m in funding to date.

Kondik, who was responsible for creating the CyanogenMod project in 2009, did not address the issue of job losses but said: "We had a few successes at the Inc, but also our share of stuff which just didn't work at all. Anyone insane enough to do a startup will tell you that it will probably go wrong before it goes right, no matter how good your intentions are."

But he added: "CyanogenMod is something that works."

"Whether it's the choice to hack your phone to bits and figure out how to install the damn thing to begin with, learning what's possible afterwards, or just having the confidence of being in control, it still serves an important role which hasn't been filled outside of the custom ROM community. Cyanogen Inc (including myself) will still be sponsoring the project and will continue to have an active role in its development."

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