Daily Cuppa: Outlook.com and the Apple-Samsung fight

Overnight, the Apple versus Samsung trial started and Microsoft unveiled a preview for a new email client.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor

Yay, it's Wednesday. Let's get you up to date with what happened overnight.

Microsoft has unveiled a preview version of its new Hotmail successor. Called Outlook.com, it is designed for personal use. Here's a tour of the interface, which seems nice enough, although there have already been issues with some users having trouble signing up for the service and using it on Windows Phones.

Box, meanwhile, also has big plans. It has announced a $125 million injection of cash from General Atlantic and others, which it will use to increase the company's enterprise customer base.

After it was found out that Google didn't delete all the Wi-Fi data it has inadvertently collected during its Street View sweeps, France has demanded that it be provided with the undeleted data. It has also reopened its investigation into the company over the data collection, despite having already fined it €100,000.

The company also announced that it had acquired Wildfire, a start-up that owns a viral marketing campaign platform, which Google said would create "new opportunities for our clients to engage with people across all social services" .

Apple and Samsung have begun to fight it out in court in the US. Charlie Osborne analyses the jury, while our colleagues at CNET take us through Apple's and Samsung's opening statements.

GoDaddy's CEO also stepped down, saying it was time for him to have some fun.

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