Danish company testing floating wave-wind hybrid generation concept

Floating Power Plant harnesses wave and wind energy in power plants that float on the ocean.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

This is a double-refer, so to speak, when it comes to blog points. Just read this morning on EarthTechling and Inhabitant about new technology from a Danish company called Floating Power Plant, which is sort of a wind farm on a boat.

Actually, the prototype pictured above (this is a company-supplied photo, but I grabbed it off EarthTechling via Inhabitant) is a hybrid wave power and wind machine, which ironically uses the same sorts of principles to stay afloat that an oil rig would use. Some statistics:

  • Floating Power says that a full-scale Poseidon unit could be from 100 to 420 meters long, depending on the location.
  • The total capacity of each plant is 10 megawatts (including both wave energy and the windmills)
  • The yield of the wave energy is more than that of the windmills: in some instances, off the coast of Portugal, the company is expecting an energy yield of 28 gigawatt hours per year from the wave tech, and 22 gigawatt hours per year from the 3 windmills
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