Data analysts stretched, lack engineering resources, current data, says survey

A Fivetran survey, conducted by Dimensional Research, presents a mixed picture for data analysts.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Fivetran, Dimensional Research

Data analysts spend half of their time doing actual analysis with the rest spent on cleansing and integrating information, according to a study sponsored by Fivetran.

Fivetran's research, conducted by Dimensional Research, highlights how data analytics has become like IT--a profession that spends more time on keep the lights on instead of innovating. The most damning item in the research is that 68% of data analysts have ideas to drive profits, but don't have the time to implement.

According to the nearly 500 data pros surveyed, more than 60% said they waste time waiting for engineering resources each month. And 90% of respondents said that their work has been slowed by unreliable data sources.

Fivetran's survey highlights a bevy of moving parts in the data analysts industry. Consider:

Fivetran, Dimensional Research
Fivetran, Dimensional Research
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