DataViz announces no webOS client coming, may have been acquired by RIM

DataViz makes excellent software products for mobile platforms like Documents To Go and RoadSync and has announced no webOS client is coming. They may also have been purchased by RIM.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I've written several times over the years about DataViz's Documents To Go Office product and use it all the time on my iPad, Nokia N900, Android devices, etc. Palm webOS users have been begging for a full version of their software since webOS launched and according to PreCentral.net DataViz has decided to no produce a webOS client. That is a sad development for webOS fans, but even more interesting to me is the news that CrackBerry.com reported and that is that RIM apparently purchased DataViz for something like $50 million.

Documents To Go viewers are found on BlackBerry devices, much like what we see from Quickoffice on Symbian devices. Even though RIM now owns DataViz, I imagine they will continue to release products across all platforms since that seems to be a very successful business for DataViz. It makes sense that the smartphone platform currently most focused on the enterprise acquire a company whose products are also focused on this segment of the market.

With the acquisition by RIM, I wonder if we will see their RoadSync Exchange syncing client coming to BlackBerry devices. That would help convince me to add a BB device to my mobile phone collection since Exchange syncing, without a BES, is important to me.

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