Dating site coming for Apple fans

A new dating site is being launched for fans of Apple products.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

You can't make this stuff up.

A new dating site, the aptly named Cupidtino, is being prepped exclusively for fans of Apple Inc. and its products.

Why? According to the site:

Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common – personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and of course a love for technology. We believe these are enough reasons for two people to meet and fall in love, and so we created the first Mac-inspired dating site to help you find other Machearts around you.

Purportedly the brainchild of three San Francisco-based geeks (2 developers and a designer) with backgrounds at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! they claim to be obsessed with Apple gadgets and privately funded.

As someone married to an Apple fan, I admire the concept, I'm just not sure if I'd use it. There's no indication that you have to pass an Apple quiz to join, meaning that it's rife for abuse by Windows users looking to pick up Mac hotties.

The site is optimized for, you guessed it, Safari and will launch exclusively on Apple platforms with iPhone and iPad apps. If Apple approves, that is.

Cupidtino will launch in June 2010, but you can request a beta invite in the mean time.

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