Dave Carroll "United break guitars" watch

Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Dave Carroll's United break guitars song on Youtube garnered 300,000 more views over the weekend and at this moment (11:25 EDT) sits at 3,446,242 views. Since I posted Thursday about Dave Carroll's battle with United Airlines which he's won, er, let me see, about 3 million times over, his daily average has dropped to about 100,000 whereas in the first 11 days of the video, he was doing about 280,000 a day.

Carroll claims United broke his $3,500 guitar on a flight stop over in Chicago. After a year of frustration and an eventual "no" on compensation, he wrote his smash hit song -- by social media standards, anyway -- and it's taken off like wildfire. Comments stand at 16,231 up about 1,000 from last week.

He promises two more songs, but it's hard to imagine he'll be able to outdo the first one both in quality and in popularity. Expect imitators with songs like [insert Airline Name here] breaks [Insert item here]....

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