David Siegel discusses the Power of Pull; a different view of the Semantic Web?

This podcast conversation with David Siegel discusses his latest book, Pull, and explores the many ways in which Siegel believes a semantic web can power business today and into the future.
Written by Paul Miller, Contributor
Author David Siegel's latest book is a rather different beast to earlier works such as Creating Killer Web Sites and Futurize Your Enterprise. In Pull, Siegel explores 'the power of the Semantic Web to transform your business,' using a series of case studies to demonstrate some of the myriad ways in which provision of structured and accessible data can alter business models across a range of industry sectors.

Siegel's definition of the 'Semantic Web' is broader than that preferred by many, extending far beyond technical standards such as RDF and OWL to embrace anything that is both unambiguously structured and on the Web. He offers a 'Semantic Web acid test,' and relies on this throughout the book in an effort to clarify his understanding of the space.

I spoke with David this week, and recorded our conversation as a podcast that is now available online. We discuss the premise behind the book, and then explore some of the presumptions upon which his argument is built.

Others, such as Greg Boutin, have written their own reviews of the book, and Siegel also recorded a different Technometria podcast with Phil Windley earlier this month.

So what do you think? Have a listen, and see how you see Siegel's concept of 'Pull' relating to the Semantic Web. Broader? Narrower? The same? Different? And will the emotive language and examples used throughout the book succeed in driving break-out growth where so many earlier efforts have had only modest success?

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