Deal alert: Get a 23andMe DNA test for 50% off

The most popular at-home DNA-testing service gives you all the deets on your health and ancestry, now for just $99.

Besides using an ancestry service to uncover the truth of your potentially-royal bloodline, DNA testing kits from companies like 23andMe and Ancestry have grown in popularity over the last decade for their insights on health and genetic compositions. 23andMe, in specific, is the top dog and a name that you've probably heard of before. But as safe and reliable as the service is, the cost of admission for 23andMe's DNA test kit has always been something to sleep on -- until now. 

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service DNA test kit for $99

50% off ($100 discount)


For a limited time, you can buy 23andMe's best seller, the Health + Ancestry Service DNA test kit, for just $99 ($100 off). How the kit works is simple: 23andMe ships a collection kit to address, you register and ship the kit back with a sample of your saliva, and they process your DNA to report on your health predispositions, wellness, carrier status, ancestral background, and more.

Some of the biggest benefits that we see with the kit are:

  • Gaining insight on the likelihood of Type 2 diabetes and other diseases
  • Understanding, if any, of your genetic variants can be passed to your children (sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, etc.)
  • Testing process is FDA-approved and only requires saliva -- no blood samples or needles required

Many people have concerns around privacy when it comes to DNA tests. You can learn more about 23andMe's privacy policy here.