Delhi Metro app coming soon

Delhi Metro will soon launch an app for smartphone users, providing information regarding fares and real-time updates along the different lines, and Delhi Metro stations.
Written by Nitin Puri, Contributor

Delhi Metro is planning to launch a mobile app to provide information on fares as well as real-time updates along the different lines, and Delhi Metro stations.

Depending on the smartphone OS and connectivity services, the mobile app will also be able to determine the user's current location by using GPS and direct the route to the final destination. The mobile app will also work offline and can be downloaded free for Delhi Metro users. Upgrades for the app will also be available whenever needed, for example, when new phases such as Phase III and Delhi Metro stations are launched.

Delhi Metro
The smartphone app will provide information on the nearest station, fares, travel times, among others.

The mobile app will provide information about the nearest Delhi Metro station, fares, timings between the first and last train at various stations, travel time between stations, route information on the different lines, a complete Delhi Metro map, and parking availability at stations with parking facilities.

Commuters will also be able to find landmarks and popular tourist spots along and near Delhi Metro stations, in addition to receiving information about feeder services and helpline numbers. Details of feeder buses available at different Delhi Metro stations with their routes will also be provided, along with Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses in route of the Delhi Metro station. A graphical representation of the Delhi Metro Map will also enable the users to pan and zoom in and out, while also displaying the user's current location on the Delhi Metro route map.

The app also can be used to get answers to frequently asked questions such as how to use smart cards, items which are not allowed to be carried in the metro train, and timings of the station. Furthermore, helpline numbers for assistance, complaints, feedback, and security helpline numbers to be contacted during an emergency or security threat will also be available in the app.

One key feature missing from the Delhi Mobile app, though, is the ability to recharge a daily or monthly smart card using your smartphone. Currently, commuters have only one option which is to wait in line at one dedicated counter at a Delhi Metro station to top up the smart card. During rush hour during either the mornings or evenings, this can be a frustrating task for both commuters and also for Delhi Metro employees.

In lieu of the recent events in India, specifically in New Delhi, regarding crimes against women, another feature that should be implemented in this mobile app is emergency direct access to Delhi Police, in case of an emergency or security threat. This will benefit and provide a sense of security for women travelling alone in the evenings and at night in and from the Delhi Metro stations to their final destination.

Delhi Metro trains and stations have CCTV, emergency buttons, and both uniformed and plain clothes Delhi Police officers. Furthermore, the first train compartment is dedicated for women only, with absolutely no exceptions.

However, most women use an auto rickshaw or a DTC bus to reach bus to reach their final destination. While all of the newer model DTC buses have both CCTV and GPS onboard, the older buses do not. At the same time, GPS is finally being installed in auto rickshaws and in the cities of the outskirts of the New Delhi Capital Region, Gurgaon and Noida, where there are also women-only auto rickshaws and buses. They can be easily identified by having a unique pink color.

Time will tell if all of these improvements toward reducing crimes against women will make a difference, but it's clear to say that action has already been taken. 

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