Dell, Asus to release 'green' PCs

Their eco-friendly portable computers are expected to be on sale later this year.
Written by John Morris, Contributor

Looks like computer makers were inspired by Earth Day. And while plenty of PC prototypes never see the light of day, these eco-PCs should be on sale sometime later this year.

At the Fortune Green conference, Dell unveiled a compact desktop with a bamboo case.

The system is 81 percent smaller than a "standard" desktop, uses 70 percent less power, and is loaded with recycled materials, according to Dell. It will be available later this year for between US$500 and US$700.

Asus has been showing off its Bamboo PC Concept series at tradeshows for a while, most recently at CeBit. According to reports, the company announced it will ship two laptops, the 11-inch S6 and 12-inch U6, with bamboo panels starting this June for around US$1,600.

Asus does not yet have plans to market its other bamboo concept products, a desktop and monitor.

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