Dell shuns paper for bamboo in some packaging

Dell swaps paper pulp and corrugated cardboard for bamboo in certain netbook packaging.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

So, if you decide to invest in a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 or a Mini 10v netbook, you'll get to check out its latest nod toward more environmentally friendly packaging: the company is using bamboo as the inner product cushion in the boxes. The outer box will be made out of 25 percent post-consumer materials.

Dell has pledged to reduce its packaging volume by 10 percent before 2012. Bamboo, which is strong and grow faster than hardwoods, will make up a bigger part of the company's packaging mix starting early in 2010. The only snag could be the fact that most cities and towns aren't exactly dealing with bamboo much in their recycling mix, so Dell say it is working with Georgia Pacific, UGS and Environmental Packaging International to ensure that its packaging can be easily handled.

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