Dell signs cloud deal with Chinese company

The agreement between Dell and Infobird will see cloud-based call-centre systems provided to enterprises in China
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Dell is to offer more cloud-based services to its enterprise customers in China, after signing a deal with Infobird.

Infobird is a Chinese cloud management system vendor that sells a platform called Qitongbao, which is used mainly for call-centre operations. On Tuesday, Infobird said in a statement that the two companies would "jointly provide cloud-computing-based enterprise-level internet communication platform services to companies".

Dell has already made a foray into the cloud-services market, having teamed up with Salesforce.com in October 2009 to provide sales-team automation and customer relationship management services for small and medium-sized businesses.

In its statement, Infobird said the Qitongbao deal was the starting point of the relationship between the two companies, as it has other enterprise cloud-computing products in development that could be wrapped in at a later date.

ZDNet UK asked Dell on Wednesday whether the deal would see Dell and Infobird's services provided to enterprises outside China, but Dell was unable to provide confirmation of this yet.

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