Dell speeds backup with disk-to-disk system

The PowerVault DL2000 will simplify and accelerate data backup by offering disk storage and backup in one unit, Dell says.
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor
Dell has introduced the Dell PowerVault DL2000, a disk-to-disk system that places backup and recovery alongside the main data storage within one unit, with the aim of speeding up data processes.

By offering both data capabilities in one unit, the system can cut backup times by up to 52 percent and restore times by up to 77 percent compared with tape, Dell said in a statement on Wednesday. The claims are based on information supplied by data-storage specialist CommVault, which provides an integrated software option for the system.

Disk-to-disk appliances put backup and restore software in the same unit as the main data-storage system. By doing away with the cables that usually link the main system with its backup, the process of replicating and restoring data should be faster.

The system offers up to 144TB of disk space, and is aimed at small to medium-sized companies.

The PowerVault DL2000 is part of Dell's new TierDisk family of products that aim to offer complete, tiered storage. Organizations can add on an external Dell DL2000 tape library, so that they can back up data stored on tape to disk for rapid restoration, yet have the security of tape for offsite disaster recovery.

PowerVault DL2000 solutions come "factory-installed and verified" with either CommVault Simpana or Symantec Backup Exec software, Dell said. No details of price were released, and the company said this information would be forthcoming later in October.

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