Dell Streak tablet lineup leaked; 7-inch, 10-inch models join 5-inch

Dell has leaked its Streak tablet lineup, revealing 7-inch and 10-inch models due months after a 5-inch model debuts this summer.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Dell is making aggressive moves to respond to the Apple iPad.

The Round Rock, Texas-based company has leaked two iterations of its Streak slate tablet computer, in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes.

That's in addition to the Streak 5, formerly the Mini 5, which was featured last month on The Toybox.

According to Engadget, which first obtained images of the device, the five-inch model is due this summer -- the same time as Dell's Google Android-based AT&T smartphone, the Aero, which is expected in June.

The seven-inch model is expected "late in 2010" and the 10-inch model in "early 2011."

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