Designing for well-being: Danish firm wins competition for Cancer Counseling Center

Celebrated Danish firm EFFEKT wins yet another design competition-- this time for the Danish Cancer Society's new Cancer Counseling Center.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

Danish architecture firm, EFFEKT, was recently announced as the winner of a design competition for the  Danish Cancer Society's new Cancer Counseling Center at Næstved Hospital in Denmark.

The concept is a cluster of seven small houses surrounded by green space. Each house has a specific function, all seven forming a functioning and useful compound that features such simple amenities as a library, kitchen, conversation room, lounge, shops, a gym, and wellness facilities.

Leif Vestergaard Pedersen, CEO of the Danish Cancer Society, said, "The house will feel homely and comfortable and provide room for all forms of activities. The center will be located quite close to the hospital, this will make it easy for cancer patients and their relatives to come by for a cup of coffee and maybe a talk between treatments."

Perhaps the features are simple, but as the title of the new center suggests, the purpose of this thoughtful and beautiful design is comfort, therapy and overall well-being for patients.

The difference and roof height and the variety of materials used gives the counseling center a distinctness that will separate it from the surrounding hospital buildings, giving it a mental barrier from the fray. Though ascetically removed, the hospital's oncology center and cancer ward are in fact nearby for convenience and collaboration.

Construction is set to begin this August, and be completed for opening as early as spring of 2013. For more images see EFFEKT's Facebook page.


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